Registering a new Spax account is simple...

Click on the "REGISTER" button above

User Name / WebLogin
Will be used for logging into Your Web Account where you will find additional services and features for your Phone Account such as;
Topup Account
Call History
Change User Details

Display Number
This number will be shown to others when you call, you can put your cell phone number, use the following format:
CountryCode +AreaCode +Number
countrycode + mobile number without the first 0.

Email Address
This is where you will receive your log-in details

Your mobile phone number, use 00 not "+", 0044 etc
If you have a mVoIP enabled Nokia phone, your account settings will be sent on SMS to this number

Secret Question & Secret Answer
You will be asked for your answer to your secret question in the case of you losing or forgetting your password. You must answer this question correctly in order to retrieve your password.



If your registration is successful, you will receive login details for both Your Web Account and the Spax Phones